*Pauses for breath*

I think I am finally understanding the reason as to why ‘Men’ do the chasing, and not ‘Women’…

…from between the ages of 22+.

(DISCLAIMER: I am also led to believe that Women from 28+ begin to initiate the chasing because of body clock, but don’t take my word for it… I am a guy)


I stumbled across this personal truth close to a year after my 22, when I suddenly had the emotional pull which explained to me that we needed a ‘one’. The constant contact to which my body and soul and mind would rather converse with or be with than the multitude of friends I am socially supposed to believe are still…well…friends with me.

I went through nights of loneliness. Profound because suddenly, normal conversations just weren’t enough any more.

I couldn’t stand it.

I can’t stand it.

And I still feel it. With each day, the pull gets a little bit stronger. The nights get a little bit quieter, even as I have begun to spend days staring at my phone and finding discovering that the person I want to talk with is not actually talking to me.

It is weird… growing up.


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