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Out the Window.

The beauty of the shiny green pastures wheeze past me gracefully, as they remain static in their growth, dancing only to the soft wind that blew across the quiet land. 

Back when it was just me, enduring the quiet rides by the windowsill of the Virgin train that ran all the way back to the place I’m duty bound to call Home. The carriage maintains a just above average hum, of the occupants discussing the day’s events, retelling stories of past memories, making plans for the weekend in London and the likes. 

It’s at times like this, where I look towards the horizon and watch the night sky slowly take over the activities it’s day sister has relegated to him. The purple haze at the horizon point, slowly painting the sky into an artistic blue, before place the yellow dotted wonders that make up the starry sky. Sometimes, if I focus enough, I remember the days when I’d sleep outside with my family, back in Nigeria, on the cars of the house, due to the absence of light. 

And we’d indulge in our dreams of the future but most importantly, the quiet companionship under the starry sky. 

Reality however, has a odd way of taking things off you when you believe it is all you could ever want. But Life, as it turns out, would make it clear you don’t need. 

The train used to be just me. 

Then I introduced myself to you, in the blue dress as you sat quietly in the corner, watching the minutes pass by on our mutual’s graduation celebration. I hadn’t thought that far ahead when we exchanged names, and I pestered for your number. 

Here you are… next to me, and as we spend the journey watching a movie as the train makes its way back down to the place we call Home. Your focus is on the scenes taking place on the small screen of my tablet surface, while my mind’s focus is on you. You. In my serenity, causing me no comfort.  

I can’t look out the windowsill anymore, to the beauty of nature that the Creator blessed the Earth with, because you now stand in the way, and any attempt of mine to look past you ends, with me just looking at you. 


I think He gave me a better view of the beauty I’d like to keep on seeing for as long as He’d let me see…




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With Me

Letters found from a loved one to another…

“You have been absent from here in its totality because it has been difficult to find the words to explain what you’ve done to me. 

You entered my life almost four years ago, sporting the blue dress at our mutual’s graduation party… You being shy, I being I, interested in getting to know you. 

Fast forward to now, and even though we’ve only been official for nine months, it feels like you’ve balanced me for the duration that you decided to give me a chance. 

You prayed for me when I was down. Held my head up when all I wanted to do was look away in shame. You straightened me up, looked into my eyes and told me you believed in me. That I should not cower but look ahead and walk through…

So here’s what I have for you. A promise to you alone, away from prying eyes…

I promise to love you with my being, in the same way that you’ve shown me love. I promise to do my best to do right by you and by God. I pra…

… Rest of letter found torn and words crossed down. A little addendum added…

“I think I’ll reserve the rest for a more private message to you. After all, your name pertains to being ‘with me’, so I’ll wait till it’s just us”

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