“And just like that…”

Today began like every other Tuesday.

Dull, boring and uninspired. Judging by yesterday’s work end, I wasn’t particularly looking forward to today. But the wheels will turn as God has willed and I found myself on the train to work, penning down thoughts onto a blog one would think I had forgotten.

Surprisingly enough, work went swimmingly. Maybe it was fate’s way of telling me that things can change. Which I know, but you know… sometimes, things will get you down.

But I digress. Work went well. I got a breakthrough that had been hounding me since Friday, so I felt accomplished by the time I was locking my desk and tap-dancing my way to the train home. It wasn’t the best Tuesday, but it was probably the most memorable in a long while.

I slept on the train. I usually do but I was uncharacteristically tired today so I dozed off before I even had any say in the matter. On both trains.

i get home. I make dinner for the family, as I have been doing on Tuesdays and Fridays for the last couple years. And for the first time, in God knows when, I burnt it. Because I fell asleep waiting for it to cook and be done with.

I make the necessary apologies and everything calms down. Returning back to my room, I found myself lost in thought as per usual. Something along the lines of having all these different tools and technology and not using them, but instead using the “when I get back from work, I am usually just very exhausted” and then proceed to de-stress game the rest of the night away. How the heck am I supposed to achieve dreams like this?

So I make a quick life plan. Usually I’d be in Destiny, making a name for my Guardian (if this is above your head, just ignore it, to be honest) but I figured I’d do something different for the next couple hours.

SO I power-up the graphics tablet I newly bought about 4 weeks ago and put it to work.

Screenshot 2015-07-21 19.56.07 Screenshot 2015-07-21 20.54.26

And it made me feel great. I was even jamming to some nice slow mellow tunes which usually helps me focus my attention and thoughts into the task at hand. (Spotify is my bae like that…)

And then my Dad returns back from work.

And enters my room to say a few things and hash out a new argument, and just like that… all the motivation, all the art, and positive feeling and music, they stop.

And I’m back to square one, where Tuesday is nothing but a shitty day in the week.

Not quite a Drag Monday, but Not as cool as the rest of the days in the week.



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