Life, Thoughts

Is it okay? / Rhetorics

Every now and then, humans get a burden. Sometimes it’s taken willingly, other times its forced upon you.

And as life would have it, this is where the human gets to make a choice; to share the burden or keep it to themselves. A lot of things comes into play here as a lot of emotions and situational awareness gets latched to he reasoning as to why a person would choose either decision.

And out of all of this, there is something called fear and doubt. Brothers who work hand in hand to cripple the minds and hearts of those they descend upon.

Life gets dark, and slightly claustrophobic as one ducks behind corners, carrying their own personal mountains.

It attacks the reasoning and the peace of mind as mental decisions become impaired from the stress of shouldering a heavy burden. Focus becomes weak. Motivation begins to laze about.

Is it okay though? To hold all this pain to self as one seems to watch their own personal world go up in a slow burning flame?


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