Ode to 2015

This year is going anytime now.

At least, that’s mostly what the world is pondering on right now, as they use the remaining minutes to enjoy the remainder of 2015 in their own special way.

Some are clubbing, others are on the London Bridge, overlooking the ‘Eye, with a bottle in their hands and their phone on camera standby. And then you get the rest like I, dancing, praising and praying our way into the new year.

So yeah, I’m in church.

I would have done this at home, but that’s a story that can be forgotten with the passing of 2015. Nonetheless, as the year ends, it’s only right (As per usual), that I summarise myself as to the occurrences of this year past.

In short form, 2015 has been brilliant.

On a longer note, 2015 has not been perfect. I have fallen quite a few times this year in ways I did not expect. I’ve tripped over broken hearts, expectations and at a point, cowering from the skeleton that escaped my closet. But as life will have it, it turns out I have a ghostbusting family, fully equipped to drop some madness on my personal demons.

the_real_ghostbusters_by_kwikshaw-d52tmnq(picture’s from Google, people)

I don’t think I could ever thank them enough, but God sees my heart (as messed up as it is).

I love those guys.

Back on topic, 2015 taught me a few things I plan on putting into practice in 2016. A few basic things and a few important things I will list out in a bit. It is worth mentioning that these things are based on me and are for me, but if at any point in time, you feel they might apply to you, then sure :-), we can share in the lessons… but here they are:

– A smaller friend circle is a safe and healthy decision. It keeps your business out of a lot of random mouths and actually decreases the likelihood of nonsense advices.

– Friends come and go, just like seasons. There are friends for the season, and there are friends who have been placed in your life. Sometimes (I feel), we try and blur the lines sometimes and treat the temporary ones like they are family. And as such, when they exit our life, we find this gaping hole. It’s okay to let them go.

– Fear is useless and rather deadly. See the ‘R.A.E.F’ post on this. It is okay to admit you’re afraid of a situation. You’d be surprised how amazing people can be when you share what frightens you so.

– Feel ‘lightly’. This one, I believe is immensely personal. I probably will write about it in depth later on in 2016.

– The first monumental progress towards achieving a dream is in taking the first step towards said dream. Dreams remain just that, a dream, until you take the first metaphorical step towards it, after which it becomes part of your reality. And that, dear friends, is wondrous.

That’s basically it, to be honest. Everything else is personal goals, and plans for the year.

Nevertheless, to concluded on what I began with. 2015 has been brilliant, and it has made me hopeful for 2016.

I can almost feel it already. And it feels awesome.

See you guys in 2016.


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