The Sun’s luminescence remains hidden behind the clouds in the sky.

Summer but yet, not summer.

I linger in my thoughts, choosing solace here instead of being social. My heart was not in it, so I refrain from my phone as the bus drives me and the rest of the weary passengers home. It had been a long day, not by fault of work, but more the happenstance of beginning the day later than expected.

A sigh escapes me as I close my eyes to dream of what may be and what is.


I remain in this state of apparent darkness as my body’s fatigue had directed all my mental focus to ensuring it rests properly. Whatever was left took care of the normal body functions, giving no thought to the fact that it’s owner wanted to dream of fantastical things and wondrous opportunities.

I drift back out into the grey to monitor the progress of my journey home. Red light. Still minutes away. My silence maintains itself as my hand had confiscated my phone and placed it within the confines of my inner leather jacket. I’d scream for injustice because everyone else seemed to be glued to theirs but then I don’t care. The world’s focus has been so lustfully drawn by the electronic age that the good things in life, the normal things in time, have been lost.

The countryside that used to hold so much allure had lost its beauty crown to the newest gadget in town. The rapid expansion of numerous social networking applications severely cutting into the intimacy of conversing face to face. A phone message would rather be sent than actually planning to meet and bask in the presence of family, friends and colleagues alike.

And in the event that plans were made, and friends were met, the little 4-5 inch+ gadget still dominates the night as ‘Selfies’, ‘Tweets’ and ‘Instagram’ post become a reality.

Maybe I’m just being nostalgic…

Being born in the 90s has put me (and the rest of my ‘brood’) at the mercy of so much technological advancement that we can’t help but find ourselves reminiscing every now and then about when things were simple.

Because things are not that simple anymore.



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