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It’s 22:26.

The day’s uncertain weather lingers, as if to mirror the emotions of the people under it’s gaze. Uncertainty. The motivation behind fear and the blood that runs deep within the body of irrationality.


The sun has hidden itself, retreated back as the world turns so that it might let us retire, and stir those at the other end to work. The night sky remains dark and blue, coolly letting those still aware in the space of reality, time to think and reflect back to their early days. For some, it’s nostalgia behind rosy tinted glasses. For others, it’s the face of stark truth staring back at them. It’s chilly. The air remains abuzz with quiet conversation in some areas, drunken livery in others. Some are drinking to quiet down their worries, others? to celebrate the victory of the day.


The youth lament at the choices being made for them, angry at the solution being presented before them. But their voices are not heard. Their voices are not going to be heard. After all, it’s not at the best interest of those who would, should, do the hearing.

The larger world watches with growing concern. The same theme remains. Uncertainty. Questions already being asked with no answer to follow. They remain ever watching with bated breaths.

In a world filled with war and darkness, blood and madness, hatred and division. We vote to divide ourselves from a union simply because we want to “take our country back”.

From whom?


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