Bae, Life, Love, Response

With Me

Letters found from a loved one to another…

“You have been absent from here in its totality because it has been difficult to find the words to explain what you’ve done to me. 

You entered my life almost four years ago, sporting the blue dress at our mutual’s graduation party… You being shy, I being I, interested in getting to know you. 

Fast forward to now, and even though we’ve only been official for nine months, it feels like you’ve balanced me for the duration that you decided to give me a chance. 

You prayed for me when I was down. Held my head up when all I wanted to do was look away in shame. You straightened me up, looked into my eyes and told me you believed in me. That I should not cower but look ahead and walk through…

So here’s what I have for you. A promise to you alone, away from prying eyes…

I promise to love you with my being, in the same way that you’ve shown me love. I promise to do my best to do right by you and by God. I pra…

… Rest of letter found torn and words crossed down. A little addendum added…

“I think I’ll reserve the rest for a more private message to you. After all, your name pertains to being ‘with me’, so I’ll wait till it’s just us”

No other letter found


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