Not sure who’s out there still reading this, what i write or what I post… Its beginning to feel like words on deaf ears, but on ears nonetheless, it is being said. The original blog began with the aim of saying things I won’t probably say in person, not because I can’t but because conversation pathways rarely lead there. So I created this to say what I thought about issues and stuffs. It was going to be  my friends and I writing but as life has seemed to hand us different fruits to deal with, we’ve resulted in different aims.


SO for the foreseeable future, it is just going to be me writing on this blogspace. I am not turning this to a second tumblr (the first being http://www.ibless.tumblr.com) but I am going to write properly here. Write about what I’m observing and how it feels or how it seems to me. I’m only here to present the world as I see it through my lenses. As fogged up / messed up as they can seem to be. It is purely opinionated.


With all that said and done, I guess I can therefore officially welcome you to my wordpress page.

Welcome to thorougheyes.wordpress.com


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