Something about growing up changes people…


And I’m not even talking about physical growth of hair, or the growth spurt in height or the growth of a beard or wider hips or better curves in all the right places for the female species but something more mentally-inclined… The philosophical truth guiding one’s progress in life, if you may.

And more often than not, the change is not exactly pleasant. It’s like somehow in the process of actually becoming an adult, we lose our innocent self and replace it with a darker rendition of what we could have been. Self-defence maybe? against what we view as the injustice in the world?

I find it sad.

Having to stand back and watch as the people you used to know with the smiles and the happy faces become weary, distrustful and bitter. You try to cheer them up and they dislike you for it, call you a hippie of always being ‘overly’ happy. You attempt to show them that people do care about them but they fail to look past their troubles to see the love existing on the other side.

What’s the point of all I’m writing?

I guess I just wanted to let it out of my head.

People change as they grow… but the real question i suppose I should have begun with is this…

Is such a change for the good or for the bad?


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