“Old Post, slightly relevant”

Chances of this being posted is quite little. But I feel like I have to write it out at the very least, seemingly because I feel like I have to get rid of the feeling from within.

Happy but sad.

Happy because my friends seem to be getting what they want and not having to strive for more than they would usually have to, while I’m sad because it doesn’t usually work that way for me. If anything, I tend to get more bad-luck than good luck. Not particularly complaining, but it kinda sucks when the stuffs you work towards does not reward you with results. Example, University degree. I worked too damn hard and ended up with a 2.2. The exams I thought I did really good in, I got really bad in. I usually would just shrug and say its part of life, cos it is part of life, but it hurts like hell.

6 months on and unemployed.

I am still trying.

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