Just a bunch of poems really...

This week’s first update is a poem about my native country of Nigeria. Now im not the typical African patriot, im not a huge fan of modern nigerian music, afrobeats, nollywood movies etc but i do believe if you look past the sometimes cringe worthy attempts at imitating western culture (especially in the movies) there is great beauty to be found as writers such as Chinua Achebe and Wole Soyinka showed us. Without further ado here’s my poem: Homeland.

(Picture taken from and courtesy of http://www.artseaprovence.com/category/art-2/some-of-my-older-paintings/)

Amidst an urban twilight’s man made haze,
Of car lights which strived against the setting sun.
I arrived in the heart of an alien season
And paradise, home, i impatiently sought.

With prodigious expectations,
Smiles, embraces, familiar faces, I welcomed them all,
For truly she is the motherland, of tale and lore and song.
Whose imprinted insignia in skin is marked intricately with melanin,

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