Lost Pages: Alone

[I am neither back at square one,
nor have I reached the end of the road…
Stuck in this crevice of nothingness,
or as this story would have it told…]

I beseech you,
allow me to create the imagery,
built from the sentences & words utilised
I beg your forgiveness,
should it appear long-winded…

On the mountain-top looking down,
In the darkest pit looking up,
Panic holds my mind,
Fear strangles my heart,
Paranoia sets in like the morning dew,
I succumb to the dampness
and illusions plague me…

Ever been in that state where you feel…
Like its you against the world?
Where fear would have it appear that…
You are all alone against the masses?
So you withdraw from everyone,
Folding in on yourself…
And pretend like you don’t exist.

Conversations are lessened,
Trust is rarely given,
Scepticism becomes the language.
Paranoia plays the piper,
Whispering words into your ears
As it hopes to make you doubt your friends…

Since when did you have friends?
You mean the same people that
Constantly stab your back?
Those are friends?”

[Scepticism becomes the language.
Paranoia plays the piper,
Whispering words into your ears]

Doubt working its way into your dreams
Discards them like playing cards,
Sets them on fire
And you’re left to stand,
watching them burn…

You can almost hear the scorn of fear…
Cackle as the pages of future hopes burn black…

Ever felt so alone,
Like the world has turned its back on you?

So you get the urge to turn your back on it too?

Ever been so alone, that fate would you have you question the Creator… What’s the point of this? Or that?

Ever felt alone, that in the moment of heightened panic, you almost discard the Creator, like a rebellious teenager, only for your mind & heart to remind you of His glory upon your life?

So you call out to him and pray for reprieve?

Yeah. That.


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