Ignoring the truth that lies speaks,
I’m clinging to the darkness that light brings,
Blending with the shadow like a  lifeline,
Living as I want because it’s my time…

Because it’s my time…
Says the part of me that knows the path’s wide…
A 50/50 gamble ending in a hell-ride,
Failing the odds, losing to the wrong side,
Might as well go out with a bang, right?
Screw the world, live for me, right?

“Wrong” says the part that knows what’s the right side,
Kitting up, walking back, back to the light’s eye,
Hands down, eyes blinded by the light’s shine,
Darkness fades, none hidden within the light’s rays,
Life given, so freely under the light’s gaze…

Newly made,
Life given by the light within,
Light giving by life in him.

Made my choice, I guess its time to lay on it…
Waking to face the pearly gates looks like the aim of it…
Will I make it, or fail at the end of it?
That’s his to decide,
While I figure out the rest of it.


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