I began

a post that spoke of a game so genuinely played (sub-consciously or consciously) by the majority of the people around on this earth but then got cold feet when I got to the point where one usually posts it.

Obviously (and curiously), you’re probably thinking “why?” Or “what was in it?” Or the normal, usual “ooohhhh, please post it, I wanna read(!)” And its all understandable. I hate being teased too…

But the post challenged quite a lot of things (without meaning to), one of which is ‘Trust’… And I am not cold-hearted enough to post something which might affect one’s relationships with their friends and family…

That is bordering on cruelty (which I am not)… The post was not cruel either, was just an observational look on personality and attitudes.

(._. )

That aside, Hi, how are you? How have you been doing? (^_^)


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