I’m Seeing You Different. You’re Seeing Me Different.

There is an occurrence (for the moment, I will treat it like a theory/theorem of mine, just like Newton & his revered Apple) which happens whenever I end up falling asleep suddenly. The resulting sleep allows me to wake up in a…for lack of a better word, slight enlightened mentality; like the solutions to whatever in present becoming clearer.

Light-bulb moments, so to speak.

I am going to (once again, just for cool ratings) name this occurrence:- The Enlightenment Happenstance

Hmm. Sounds somehow, somehow. Anyhow, background setting done, let me get to the point at hand, yes?

Misconceptions are mean.

This stemmed from the conversation I had with a friend today, in which I complained about something that has been affecting me (slightly) lately; my inability to read people as I used to. When I say “reading people”, I don’t necessarily mean understanding them, what I mean is being able to observe a person’s attitude or personality or humour or morals and so on, so forth. For me, being able to read people was the ability that told me how to relate/react to them. It was what dictated the jokes I could share with them, the way I could talk to them, what I could share with them… It told me how to comfort them, or cheer them up, and lately it has been harder for me to be able to do this.

What does this have to do with ‘Misconceptions’ ? Everything.

While I was in this conversation with my friend, pieces of a random side-noted puzzle in my head fit into place; Some people have the ability to ‘consciously’ give out a false reading of who they are.

“Yeah, we already know that…”

No you don’t.

Blagging about your personality or your attitude or your emotions to someone is different than giving off a false reading. Because in a false reading, its not what you’re saying, its the unsaid words…the ‘actions’ being shown, the little subtle things that make us decide what we think of a person.

Social example:- You find someone on a social networking site, or at a bar or at a gig and you connect with the person. You become friends but the person is aiming for more than that. Now for some odd reason, (or maybe based on what you’ve read off the person), you don’t want a relationship. Gut feeling or otherwise is telling you that a relationship with said person would be dangerous. But the person doesn’t relent. Your friends & maybe family are all observing and egging you on to go out with the person, because they have decided in their minds, based on what they’ve seen, that he/she is a genuinely good person. And as such, you finally give in and enter a relationship.

And then everything changes. After a few days, or weeks, or months, or years, you begin to notice that “this is not what I thought this person would be capable of”…

You begin to notice that your relative ‘other’ is not actually who they appeared to be.

You get the idea now, right?

Misconceptions are mean.

Nonetheless, I’m not saying you can’t trust anybody. I am, however, saying that not everybody is what they seem.
My advice? Accept that fact, but even when issh hits the fan, and everyone is hurt, be willing to forgive them (if they are requesting a mercy, sincerely) because after all, we just might not be what we seem to other people too.


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