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The vision for spring this year was different to what I had originally imagined. First there is the issue of UK’s tumultuous weather (who can’t seem to decide correctly what it should be doing for spring time) and then we have the general outlook of everything else; Baroness Thatcher’s passing away, North Korea’s ego issue (they are honestly threatening war, when all signs are pointing to their loss) and other everyday news, I guess…

That being said, that’s not the purpose of this post; that was just background setting.

I woke up on the wrong side of the bed today… you know, the side in which you wake up with memories and emotions you ‘sorta’ thought had been resolved and had long since gone by now, but turns out, they were just on holiday. So you get up, attempt to go on with your day’s routine but for some reason, the memories (and emotions) are interfering with your mood, and hence, interfering with the way you go about your day. So here I am, writing to sort it out (Again) and hope that it honestly goes.

I have really never been one to dwell on bad things when they occur. I tend to give as much as I feel is needed on the issue before then moving on and changing into a more positive outlook on life. Which usually tends to work but it has occurred to me, that it is becoming harder as I mature, somewhat. And its not like it is anything new, it is still the same old stuff… (+ a one or two new additions)

so you know;

  • Job (soon come, eventually)
  • Finances (tied to the first one)
  • Losing friends (which I have to start getting used to)
  • Frustration (comes and goes, depending on the day)
  • Misunderstandings
  • Getting taken for granted

Same. Old.

New addition though, turns out I might be losing my Bestie. Not as in, losing her friendship, more like drifting away from her… So basically like from Best friends, back down to Close Friends, then Good friends and then just Friends…

At this point in time, I’d say she’s in the ‘Close Friend’ stage… that is how I feel, based on the sporadic & disjointed interactions and conversations I have with her lately. And with the way my life is slowly progressing, there is the thought that I might not find anyone who would be that close to me any more.

Which in all honesty sucks; seeing as she is sort of my confidant and my advisor on certain instances.

But life trudges on, right?



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