*knocks on screen*

Yes, yes….

I understand that my time here as been somewhat scarce in the last couple days/weeks. And that is probably due to that fact that I have attained a mental state that allows me to ‘not’ rant about anything that I feel shouldn’t probably be said.

It is crazy, if I am to be fair but I must admit that the mental state came when I got to a place in life where ranting was not an option. Probably due to the fact that the rant is usually brought on by an external factor and I was torn between what was proper and what was needed.

Forced to contend between my needs and the needs (feelings) of others.

I understand that you might not agree with me and probably would have argued I threw my morality out of the window and went about ranting my honest selfish thoughts out and about but fortunately, that was not how I was raised. That being said, I am not so naive as to believe that change will occur if I continue to stay in the same instances that cause my ‘ranting’ sessions. I have begun to change, to kindly and smartly diffuse issues without having to receive the brunt of other’s wrath. That all just plainly avoiding it. Even then, I have noticed changes within myself… Not too sure I am proud of, to be honest with you but that is a topic for another time 😉

All in all. Hello. I am back and you will enjoy me till my next exile (^_^)

In the meantime, enjoy this… (it is a Gif. you might want to click it if it doesn’t move)



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