[****OLD Post 2****]

It is like i’m beginning to feel comfortable in writing out drafts… Sad, I know, but it actually feels like I’m keeping an online diary. And I’m not too keen on diaries to be honest. I know, I tried years back but I ended up tearing up the diaries to make paper figures (a skill I had back in the day… my paper planes, alien spaceships and men were to die for…not literally, if I might add)… But still it keeps me company…


And I actually remember when I didn’t used to like writing… How I used to detest the idea of putting pen on paper to make up words and sentences and plurals and singulars and etc… English was, at a point in life, a thorn in my side. And now, years down the line, it has become a coping system without which I’d probably would have lost it and gone ape somewhere earlier in life. So I guess I’m grateful on that note.

I guess I am.


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