Nightmares & Daydreams

There lies a certain weariness in the sky,
blackened by the drab wearing, ink coloured clouds,
rain beating the earth in fury,
thunder and lightning lashing out,
nature at war with it’s very self.


…set on the mountain against the wind,
alone with my hands to cover face,
clothes and cover ripped apart
as the air bellowed it’s frustration at me,
bending down to gather and protect the –
broken up future as it lay weeping at my feet

On my knees.

Fear gripping my heart as I cradled it,
greeted with fire and ash as the ground rolled under me,
soot in the air and burnt dust on my tongue,
fingers on the electronics but all i get is the dialing tone
So I look up to the sky and then behind me

Bodies laying on the floor in pieces…
Bodies rolling in the fire, brief instances…
Teeth gnashing from the pain

They all look really familiar,
but it can’t be… can it?
Could it?


The sun streaming it’s warmth in 4K,
windows open to usher in life.
Eyes opening to greet the body
laying across mine in intimate embrace


Can’t recall her face but her smile…
even as my whole wall yields before her
Her hands leave my chest,
her finger touches my lips,
and a current travels down my spine.

I want her.

My name resonates through the walls of the house,
and I’m found at the top of the stairs,
surveying the familiarity of faces looking at me.
They smile, and their pride in me,
straightens my back enough to walk down confidently.


Certain that nothing could top this moment,
I feel a hand around me,
and I’m led by my future onward,
face to face to meet the creator.
Bright lights as I’m warmly welcomed home.

And I see them in the distance,
the two of them,
smiling and waving and calling me home.

I am home, I am home.


I wake up to stare at the ceiling
as cold sweat rolls of my head.
A heavy sigh escaping my mouth.

I am home.
And not home.
And before I get the chance to relive the last,
I am dragged back under by the sweet whisperer.

The tape plays again.

And I go back to the beginning.


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