Emotion, Life, Pain, Thoughts

The End of something…

This little corner of the internet is dear to me.

It is where I can deposit some of my feelings and temporary store them in a place, giving me the chance to at least, attempt to sleep peacefully. Sometimes, it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

I have a secret (non-disclosure until further notice) that I have carried for a long while. I’ve managed to share that with few people but the bulk of it rested on my shoulder and I carried it. I hoped I could shoulder it long enough to plan towards the reveal to my ‘twin’ but fate moved ahead and determined it got revealed.

I’d say prematurely, but I’m years too late to claim that in court.

The short version is, I made a mistake and willingly put a skeleton in my closet.

The skeleton’s out now though, and it won’t fit in the closet anymore.

And normal life, as I know it, ends here…

I’ve been advised to prepare for the aftermath. And I don’t know how to do just that.

[proceeds to publish and close web browser]


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