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Slow, slower, slowest.

This year has been something of a wildcard for me, and even I must admit, while it has propelled me forward in the things of which I care about, it has also shown me just how much consequence can leak out from mistake, and better yet, just how much risk an action might hold.

Fun stuff.

in its own way.

And that is really just down to outlook on things.

I have learnt something new and important this year though. Very important. I mean, while it has been said before by certain wise people, this particular lesson holds no weight till it is actually put in practice.

And that lesson, is learning to “Take things slow”

I feel like that’s a universal life rule.

It has to be done properly, however, else it is a waste of your time and effort and the effect is of no use.

So here are my guidelines based on where I am at in life and what I’ve learnt so far (You can always add and subtract as life guides you on your journey):

– Take things slow when making decisions. You never know how far into the future you reap the full gains/consequence of whatever you’ve decided. It is perfectly okay to take your time to make your choice, as it is one of the rights we have as humans; to make a choice.

– Take things slow with things regarding relationships. You’re asking for someone’s heart (metaphrically speaking. Anyone who literally takes your heart is a murderer… You should call the police on the… oh. you’d be dead. Oops). You should be able to understand if they are cautious. At the same time, take things slow before even asking. Assure yourself its not a fleeting feeling you feel.

– Take things slow when answering people. Once words are spoken, they can’t be taken back. Don’t speak in haste. Take your time when saying things. Words can cause quite a lot of damage, even if it is not physical.

All in all, careful judgement is crucial, especially when one becomes an adult. It builds what becomes the foundation of your legacy.

Anyway, I think I’m done on that front. There is only so much heavy thinking one should have at any point in time and I think I have reached my daily quota… or at least, that’s the official story I’m going to hope my mind sticks to.


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