Perspective, Priority and Procrastination

13 days into the New Year, and I feel different.

Better than I have done in a while.

Perspective dictates that I look back and check the differences piece by piece, but I think I’d rather just bask in the moment.

This year is going to be great. I can feel it in my gut.

As to what occurs during the year as a whole, I am ignorant of such an information, but nonetheless, I await the ending with anticipation.


I do believe I need to work better on my plans for the year.

Procrastination is a common flaw in the human psyche, as we have been subconsciously conditioned to leave ‘things‘ till when we can be ‘bothered‘ to do them.

So assignments are left till last minute, simply because we have chosen to prioritise fun over the hard work intended to lay the foundation of the future we want to live in. We’d rather drink to our good health (so far) than put in the needed effort to ensure we enjoy good health in the future.

[And by Health, I mean the dictionary definition of soundness of body or mind]

I’d like to believe that most of us learn to eventually sit up straight and take our lives seriously towards the last couple months of University (Some do this earlier, some do this later. I’m generalising for a better, possible, statistical range) but even still, the sheer lack of a future plan is something that still affects quite a lot of people in the modern age.

It’s gotten to a point, when I inquire as to people’s dreams and goals, I ask about their plan to get to their end result and they vaguely explain what they think it entails, without any actual plan or research.

Now that last sentence applies, or rather has applied to me on certain occasions on which, I always have to sit back and actually think about where I am and where I plan to get to.

I guess where I’m getting to is this;

– Make a plan for the year.
– If possible, make personal deadlines for yourself.
– And most importantly, prioritise your future over your present.

I’ve done that for the last two years. And whilst I’m still far from my perceived end-goal, I feel much better for putting everything into perspective.

“Radéh tirÿsa ÿsa-ûl m’haral”

Read that as you may.


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