Something New

I don’t have a title yet.

But as per tradition, I will probably get one towards the end of whatever I’m writing down.

We are quite literally a stone throw away from March and already, I feel like I’ve experienced a lot of things this year already. Most of it is a re-affirmation of knowledge already gathered, and others are sort of like a lesson in wisdom (whether it be giving or getting).

In other words, some lessons are relatively basic, while the others haven’t been ‘basic’, to simplify.

I have been writing poetry since secondary school, when I was put given the task of reading some old English poetry and reviewing as part of my coursework. While initially, adverse to the idea of reading weirdly written sentences and words, I eventually figured it all out. It was just an expression of self, regardless of what was written.

So I started writing. Expressing myself in words because, as life would have it, it is currently the only way I can deal with my thoughts, emotions, feelings and myself. As it turns out, I have to, sometimes, write to myself to understand myself because, for some reason I am yet to figure out, my literary articulation, is much better than spoken words.

Thinking about it, it could be why I find spoken word weird for me, even though is a perfectly viable/interesting/confident method of giving people a view of the things one has written.

Nonetheless, I’m diverting. I wrote a couple of poetry last year, that I’m planning to release as a collection this year. I had hoped to do it earlier, but now I think i’m going to work to ensure that my idea for how I want it to look comes into fruition.

And part of the plan of that is to stop myself talk about it, and just working on it instead.

So I figure, I’d put up one more write-up regarding it, sort of as a public action plan, and then complete it in private before the next time, you hear me speak about it.


And this is it.

I can’t wait to share it to you, to be completely honest. And I hope you all enjoy it when it comes out.


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