Casual Ramblings

My eyes are blurry at the moment.

In truth they have been for a while now, only cleared by the use of prescripted glasses I never thought I would wear till I saw the inevitability in such a statement. After all… it’s the end result of being stuck behind a monitor for hours on end.

Regardless. I’m here now. Vision marred by my life choices so I can’t really complain.

It’s just the mental registry of the fact that I am here of my own volition.
My escape into the literary method of ascribing my feelings and thoughts in ASCII was a choice I voluntary made when the pen and papers began to feel less personal. You’d think having a journal would be as personal as one can get, and yet it lost it’s hold on me. Instead, I chose to create a temporary web space to deposit the congress of thoughts plaguing my activities day in and day out.

So yeah… blurry eyes.

Then again, it could be the hazy mist of liquified sadness tittering on the edge of skating down my ebony skin. Obviously not, because ‘men’ don’t cry as society would let you believe. Maybe men should. Maybe women should steel themselves up. I don’t know.

Nothing makes sense as much anymore as the world balances nicely on the edge of extreme beliefs. Everyone is off picking sides, arguing out their veritas staunchly to the end, masked with slight threats and actual death threats, because nobody wants to be found alone in the middle.

The duality of choices.

Coke vs Pepsi

Belief vs Non-belief

Religion vs Science

Right vs Left

Good vs Evil.

When I was younger, the allure of the grey held me enraptured. The murky, artful colour of black and white dancing an eternal singsong of who will be dominant. The yin-yang of life interlocked. 

White with darkness within. 

Black with holy introspection. 

The world would fool you to believe that the middle ground is where it’s at. Except the world can’t even give you the decency of taking its own advice. 

The world’s ticker is swinging from one end to another. 

Us vs Them. 

Eventually. Someone is going to win. 

However, with objectivity being a ruling factor in humanity’s choices of who they represent. A side will win. The question is… 

Which side? 


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