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I Missed My Ninth Day, I think…

I don’t know where to begin from. I have been absent from blogging for six days now. Usually, I’d say I’ve been absent for ‘reasons’ but the truth is simpler;

  1. I couldn’t write
  2. I couldn’t focus on any of the topics with the way the world was going
  3. Some of the topics don’t quite match up with the blog/website

To be honest, I did consider writing quite a few times within the last few days but I’d open the blog and stare at the blank page, debating whether or not I stay on topic or deviate and speak on what’s happening outside in the world. Never reached a decision so I just didn’t write.

Still, I’m here… Well, here now.

And now, I have to decide whether or not I take on Topic #9 or Topic #14.

Or maybe both.

Both Is Good The Road To El Dorado GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY
If you haven’t watched ‘Road to El Dorado’, you’re missing on some goodies.

Let’s begin with 9. Depending on when this goes live, #14 or #15 will be next.

Four of The Accounts I Follow and Why I Respect Them

  1. @ImAdeAkins

Consistency tweeting is something I respect and I hold in high regard. This is a trend in the accounts I follow. AdeAkins is someone I’ve known for a while and I’ve watched him excel. His podcasts are excellent and informative, his cocktail mixes are fun (especially with the namings) and he doesn’t just tweet for tweeting sake.

There’s something pure about using your voice to discuss important issues, be it Mental Health, Finances or Black Lives Matter.

2. @SincerelyOghosa

YouTuber / Influencer / Vlogger / Black Girl Magic. From the moment I followed her on Twitter and Instagram, I’ve been glad I did. Not only is she a fun youtuber to watch, she’s also focused and intentional in uplifting small black businesses. She’s fun to talk to and honest in her experiences either it be in Dating or Travelling.

3. @WilliamAdoasi

Founder of Vitae London. A black owned premium watch company. Having spoken to him a few times, I can easily say I love this dude. He’s active in helping communities, he speaks out on injustice whenever he can and he’s just an all-round amazing guy.

4. @Gaemechanger / @Gabz_Amadi

I put these two together because of the podcast they run. Also, because of the conversations we have on twitter about Christianity, belief and life, really. They are hilarious but truthful. They don’t shy away from odd or heavy topics but instead, express a willingness to understand and explore the topic from a biblical and life perspective. And that’s something I really like.

I believe that’s about it for the ninth topic. I think I like it this way. Short and concise.

On slightly unrelated topics;

  • For those interested in this particular hobby – I retrofitted my old YouTube channel into a gaming channel and I’ve begun putting some videos up. Heck, my voice is even recorded on it so you can hear me speak if you’re curious.
  • One of my books is free for download for subscribers to my newsletters 😀 – So Download, have a read and please leave a review!
  • Lastly, #BlackLivesMatter. The world is going through the motions but please be good to people around you. Please.

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