A Return To Form

I told myself, at the beginning of this post, that I’ll try to make this a short one.

Or course, it’s all in my head, so maybe it wouldn’t be as I think it should. In any case, it’s been months/years since I did a write up so it’s only proper that I do the needful…

First off, Happy New Year and all that wonderful stuff. I have been missing for the better part of the lockdown for hobby and mental health related reasons. I had nothing to write (specifically), and I was working on some gaming related work on the side which is turning out well, to be honest.

Nonetheless, as someone trying to carve out a space as a writer, being away for so long is a detriment to the long term plan so it is only apt that I do the needful.

Speaking of which, here are some announcements for your eyes.

1. Book two of the Heirarchy is in the works. I had a plan for it to have been published by my birthday but I failed.

2. I’m working on something else on the side. I can’t talk much about it because it’s existence is under contest rules so please bear with me.

3. I have half a mind to return to my newsletters but I’m planning on how to better implement it for the future.

4. My fourth book is in the edits and I’m hoping to approach a publisher for that so wish me luck.

And thats really it. I have something in my mind to discuss but that will be in a different post that goes up either later tonight or tomorrow.

In any case, I’d like to say I’m back.

Hope the year has been kind to you and yours.


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