It’s the transition from old to new that defines the changes we go through, and the growth we go through, maturing from what we were to what we are…or what we are going to be. And I dare say, its sickening when transition becomes partial, as we refuse to go from old to new on a few instances.

Let me explain properly, some things will forever be tradition, as tradition is sometimes inherently the build-up as to what we grow up to be, but when tradition becomes to hinder change or better yet, when tradition becomes a danger to the individual, then wouldn’t it be best to forsake such a tradition and embrace some new-ness (for lack of a better word) that would make things better?

It’s like bringing a bow & arrow to a gun fight, or choosing to live in a hut as opposed to a house because, one doesn’t want to forget their connection with nature… proper medical assistance forsaken for greenery and traditional herbs?

As in seriously, What. The. Heck?

Why forsake transition when transition could be the solution?


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