I don’t have a title for this

Not sure on how I’m going to begin this, but I figured with the first letter on this page, it has already begun. I miss my mum…

I mean, well, I haven’t really spoken about my birth mum to people before so its kinda hard to talk about it like this. I have mentioned her, referenced her, but never really spoken about her before. And the truth is, you never truly get over the loss of the one you love… But you do learn to deal with the loss…


I’m going to write a short piece next based on my heart’s current condition…

I know that you are gone,
and I currently can’t follow, 
But I miss you.

I know its been a couple years
since that incident in which you were taken away,
Your love for God probably giving a preset destination,
But you don’t know how much I miss you…

I don’t even know how much I miss you.

It took a reminder from a friend of yours,
At a family friend’s wedding
Who recounted your good will
and good spirit,
Your kindness, love and nature,
That my eyes couldn’t help but moisture
at the fact that you’re gone…

You wouldn’t be there for Ebun’s marriage,
You wouldn’t be there for Titi’s wedding,
You wouldn’t be there for your only son’s wedding…

Never have I been unashamed to cry.

Your substitute, my current mum,
can’t replace you
But she has done so much for us,
That I owe her a thank you.

Maybe she’s the angel you sent
to take care of us in your stead,
So yeah,
I’ma tell her thanks and end that with a hug…

Not sure when next I’m going to write to you,
I really do miss you.


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