One Thing & then another

Its usually starts with one thing…one issue, one problem, one phrase, one statement, one implication, one instance, one whatever…

You know I’m telling the truth… Of how you can be in the best mood ever and then that one ‘thing’ comes crashing like a meteor that you can’t dodge. Not even going to lie, life’s “one thing” has gotten crafty. Those kind of situations that you can’t even avoid simply because avoiding it is just a branch-off to another issue entirely.

I call those the morality traps.

Purpose of this? Nothing really. If I had a semblance of purpose, it would be instructing methods of solving, dodging and eliminating ‘One Things’


That’s not possible, sadly. Because then whatever solution that comes up will just lead to ‘another’ and ‘another’ and ‘another’. The truth I will admit though, is that there actually IS a solution to surviving one thing issues… It involves endurance (Endurance is actually a commodity these days… People can’t take it anymore)

Why endurance? Because endurance begets tolerance, tolerance sows patience and with patience comes wisdom.

You might not agree but wait & see.
You’ll see


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