Random, Thoughts


Cleared eyes delivering blurred vision, so my future is seeming to appear misty. Dimmed by the fog of despair, my eyes can only make out so much, but not enough to be able to claim that I see…

Cos I don’t see…

Crawling on all fours to the corners of my mind, sitting away from the apparent light, I hugged my legs and tittered back and forth. I was tired, I was stressed & I was sincerely losing hope…or so it seemed. I cast my mind back to when things were so much cleared, naivety being a strong reliable guardian as of then, irresponsible and useless as of now. Ignorance was bliss before knowledge convicted ignorance of being a murderer. Dreams being presented as a father-figure to aspire too, only to grow and get torn as to whether it was an illusion born from temporal paranoia or a reality that could be achieved. I digress.

Life had handed its card, and there’s a limit to how many times I can fold.

It could be argued…that maybe it’s time I start bluffing my way through it all, except for the important mental hiccup, that very clear tattoo of “yous a good child & yous won’t do bad now, son” plastered over my psyche like a billboard.

Gotta hold on, right?



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