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Just Another Frustrated Somebody

Not exactly sure what I’m writing on but I figure as I go on, it will eventually be clear to me…hopefully. You see, these past few days I’ve brought a certain familiar emotion/thought to my attention, one that I had been avoiding for a long time now and dare I say, I am not in the least pleased to re-visit it again…

Frustration sucks. <—- This I have always known…

…except for the fact that now, I can see it apparent in almost everyone I look at. I figure because I’m so attuned to it, that it has become quite easy for me to notice it in others and yes people, we all seem to have it. Some have learnt to ignore it and get on with life, others have unwillingly succumbed to its poisonous whispers. Trust me, I understand this. Frustration and I go a long way back… Heck, it was even present at graduation. Match-made in heaven? I doubt, but hey, love is blind, right (?)


So yeah, Frustration (yes, hyper-linked to a poem I wrote a few months back and posted on my Tumblr blog) seems to show a lot among adults, or rather, the adults I tend to see here and there. It seems to be so heavy among the adult-folk that it affects actions, emotions, thoughts, etc.  And its understandable when you view it from the perspective of one in the same shoes… You see, everyone has a dream, might be small, might be big but a dream is a dream nonetheless, and as you grow, you will inevitably meet a resistance to the dream. And the resistance will always come in different forms. Some will appear through finances, some through job availability, some through chances and some through the non-belief that you can make it (this one sounds small but come on, think about it, do you have any idea how hard it is to try and be somebody when no one else believes you can make it? Not saying you can’t but I’m saying its crazily difficult)

In my case, my frustration is both aimed at self (for not doing as well as I could have in university) and just in general due to the fact that I don’t have a job yet, which means I can’t put my plans into motion yet, which means my dream just gets a bit harder to reach or visualise.

What am I getting at here? Frustration is invariably an emotional response we have to deal with at some point in life but I guess the real and true question is “How do we deal with frustration?”

In my case, being on the path of Christianity and all, the ‘obvious’ choice would be to “Let Go & Let God” which sounds like an easy concept. Sounds like, does not mean it is. So I keep trying to do that and I know one day I’ll get good at it. But at the moment, its hard and I’m trying but I can’t seem to do it yet.

Another advice would be to keep pushing on regardless of whatever stands in your way… *shrugs* Manning Up as some would say.

Frustration, although quite painful at times, is a very positive and essential part of success” – Bo Bennett

Our fatigue is often caused not by work, but by worry, frustration and resentment.” – Dale Carnegie

It is hardly possible to build anything if frustration, bitterness and a mood of helplessness prevail.” – Lech Walesa

That’s all I got really. (PS: I think I know what I’m going to name the post now)

That being said,
How do YOU deal with your frustration? (comment if you want to share and don’t mind)




4 thoughts on “Just Another Frustrated Somebody”

  1. Hey Shadowyugi!
    Funny, my current status is ” An oxymoron and a paradox; Singularities attract.” I hadn’t read your post in mind, but a true statement will reflect itself in every way possible. That being said, i don’t have the time unfortunately to give a detailed (and yet inadequate) response to your post because the question (s) you ask, are LIFE question(s). Ones that people take an entire lifetime to discover and or manifest. Go ask Mahatma Gandhi & he’ll tell you. They’re also questions that those who’ve spent a significant part of their lives fine-tuning, turn around to capitalize on by getting paid HUGE amounts of money by teaching others – think John Maxwell & Zig Ziglar for example. All that being said, i’ll try to give a couple of sentences or quotes to give you my best & simplest answer/ response, because if i’ve learned one thing in my pondering, a detailed answer is fantastic, yet fails because few have the time to understand it.

    To your frustration, “…Some have learnt to ignore it and get on with life, others have unwillingly succumbed to its poisonous whispers…”
    I say, Plasticity & Adaptability are tools that have ensured the human race’s unlikely survival & dominance on this planet. The ability to take adverse situations & not just plod along with it, but turn it into a TOOL, will take u beyond whatever goal you have in that it will make others seek YOU for doing something that is intrinsically difficult. How to turn frustration into a tool in your case, is another solution for another day, but do your research.

    To, “…So I keep trying to do that and I know one day I’ll get good at it. But at the moment, its hard and I’m trying but I can’t seem to do it yet…”
    This is a personal lesson i’ve learned, and i don’t remember where specifically i learned it from, but I didn’t come up with it. The most powerful of which sometimes seems to be, “When all else fails, STAND.” Also, “when all around you is murky or chaos, like a banshee, howling at you in impossible rage, and you see nothing but tears down your face, you may bend your head, you may close your eyes. One thing you must do however, is BREATHE. Even when motivation is lost, if you know where/ what you should be doing, move one foot in front of the other. The reason for this hardest action is simple, FUNDAMENTAL, and it comes from the BIBLE, “…This too shall PASS.”

    This is more than “brief,” but enough to give you good direction, I think. Use frustration as a tool, and when it’s overwhelming, breathe, knowing that it will pass. Last thing is, READ MORE, LEARN MORE, select what you study now because you’re approaching the time when you will PAY for the things you spend your time on. Your spiritual development is key, there are no shortcuts, read up on motivational/ inspirational figures and their teachings. Pleasures begin to take a back seat (I MISS Naruto & One-piece lol), LIFE is calling hard now, you get what you invest in. I know, i’m paying & learning.

  2. I wanted to thank you for this good read!! I definitely loved every bit of it.
    I’ve got you bookmarked to look at new things you post…

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