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I have been meaning to write this out for a long while but I just did not get to it. The general excuse to be given would be that I have been busy… lol… I’m unemployed. I have way too much time on my hand to not be able to sit down and write out this experience of mine which sparked a thought-stream in my head for a few weeks (even till now).

Some weeks back, early December by my count, I got given an interview for a job I applied for. At this point in time, I felt like I understood what the job details meant but boy, was I mistaken. I mean, looking back now, I could probably have guessed what the job description meant but desperation can give false hope (hope and desperation… might write on that later on in life). ANYWHO, as I was saying, interview. The interview itself went well, about 10-15 mins of my life in which I ‘thought’ I had understood the basics of the job presented. I was going to be involved in marketing and outsourcing for clients and so on. And based on that Monday’s (?) interview, if they liked me, I would get called back to the 2nd stage the next day.

I got a call-back (^_^ )

And then made my way there again in the morning feeling like a potential working class citizen. The 2nd stage entailed me shadowing one of their workers as He showed me what the Interviewer (who was the owner btw) meant by outsourcing…which I then found out was actually Field Marketing.

Now Field marketing is an area of work I will avoid based on my personality. It varies based on what is required for one to do on that day. Nonetheless, it generally involves being sent out to a city/town/neighbourhood to market whatever the client wants to market… And as such, generally involves knocking on doors and trying to get people (who are often rude) to listen to your pitch and etc.

I am not the kind of person to be able to take so many “No’s” and “Fuck-offs” in one day. I am only human and I know my mental limits before it actually begins to affect me.

Anywho, I did shadow this guy and watched him work his magic and he was good at it. Amazingly enough, he was also training a new recruit in the art of marketing and on the breaks that we got, we spoke about dreams and aspirations and so on. And I was physically impressed.

Most of us then to have dreams and dream big but very few of us actually have a work plan… and by work plan, I mean, a roughly more detailed plan of what should happen, where, when and how to get there. The rest of us tend to use a very summarised version of a work plan…

education > work > money > dreams.

which I guess is not bad, but what I’m getting to here is that, its not bad to dream, but we should at the very least, have some sort of proper work plan, shouldn’t we?



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