Just A Thought

It begins as a thought.

At a point, just like every journey begins with a step or art with a paint drop on paper, or music with the first hit of the piano’s keys… The thoughts begin… Suddenly, then, splashing round and extending itself like a painting of numerous thought branches, the first musical tone suddenly stretching into a musical masterpiece or a cacophonous tirade of loud music…

Headache inducing, it spirals out of control and becomes a hurricane of questions, answers, feelings, emotions and there’s nothing to stop it. It drowns and absorbs the other thoughts like a following of multitudes, gate-crashing the mind’s sanctuary of quiet and peace. Helplessness at the fact that your thoughts are suddenly beyond your control, beyond your reasoning so you succumb to them…

Give in to the madness of confusion it brings and let it consume you. So it complies… Burns through your mind boiling water on skin and there’s nothing else to do but accept the pain that it comes with. Amidst the cries and scream of anguish at the thoughts in your head, your teeth come together and grind upon one another… there’s nothing to be done… and as crazy as it all happens,  it suddenly stops and regresses back to the beginning…

It goes back to just being ‘a’ thought.


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