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I was having a deep conversation with a friend a while back and half-way through the conversation, I conclude (to an extent) that we are all (to an extent) damaged. We all have our skeletons in numerous closets, some of which will come to light, others of which will remain hidden till death do-eth pass.

And it was a shocker, I guess, having to accept that just as I might not be perfect, I’m not alone in being imperfect. We all have our secrets, our mistakes, our sins, our vices & our experiences. Most of us have perfected hiding it all within plain sight; making it seem cool and branding ‘swag’ but in reality, it is something we actually don’t want and would like to change. We are all carrying our burden, no matter how small or big. Just as we are all prone to the same mistakes or excuses or lies… or truths, or growths or experiences or responsibility. We are all unique. And at the very same time, we are all the same.

As I said, shocker.

And as a result, a memory comes to mind, from something I read a while back too…

“There are 6 billion people on the Earth. All of their psychological states, tendencies, and personalities are so vastly different, which means that there are 6 billion psychological states, tendencies, and personalities.”

“…All Humans are unique.”

“In truth, that is just 6 billion ways of expressing a person.”

“All humans are the same.”

There is some truth there.

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