On A Wintry Spring Night…

I learnt a few things yesterday (which I should have posted yesterday but kinda got distracted, so ended up not doing) and they have been causing some sort of resonance within my mental faculty all day today…

Granted, I was in a ‘mood’ (sort of), in the late hours of yesterday night/wee hours this morning… But that was just me being me, I reckon.

Nonetheless, here are what I learnt… (Or as much as I can recall)…

1) In life, there are those that complain and then they are those who don’t… And those who tend not to complain, tend to live their lives in a happier, more determined mindset…

Tend to, I can’t say 100%. However, I hold such a believe simply because those who don’t complain tend to not see the point in complaining. That’s not to say they don’t have issues worth complaining about, but they just know that complaining about the issue wouldn’t solve the issue.

Working towards a solution, instead, would be best.

2) Sometimes, you will have to force your dreams into reality, even when they try so hard not to be real.

Sounds nice to say, but the truth in it is solid. We all have dreams, life goals, ultimate aim, la-di-da-di-da… But by now, most will agree that it sometimes seems unreal when it comes to putting it into motion…

Like some existential force is against you making that dream come to life. At such a time, one’s motivation, determination and drive has to be at its highest point.

DISCLAIMER: If God says no, then I’m sorry, but its definitely not happening. Take heart though, it tends to mean, he’s got something else planned for ya πŸ˜‰

3) Talk without action is useless. Just as well as, Action without talk is unhelpful. One must talk to sell oneself, one’s ideas, one’s dreams… And at the same time, Action must be shown alongside.

4) If life is easy, then you are not fully living it… And if life is hard? Be patient, good times are coming

Self explanatory.


That’s all I got at the moment. I guess I will write some more as inspiration, epiphany and enlightenment take turns visiting me.



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