In View of All Things…

…I begin with the attempt to keep my boredom away. Any longer and my drooping eyelids would have lost the fight against drowsiness and I would have been lost to the tides of the dream world. I wish to digress but I have to honestly agree on the fact that I honestly do want to sleep.
But not just any sleep.
More of the kind of sleep that allows one to temporarily log out of life and forget all the worries and annoyances that occur on a day-to-day basis. Emotions high and low, expectations fluctuating like the beep-beep heartbeat of the hospitalised patient. I am tired. And I would love to sleep.
That said, I digress.
In the view of all things, it is my new belief that hardwork is not a skill one masters for the sake of entering into a cv for the brownie points it might offer to the applicant, or the word spoken to sweeten the ears of the employer. Hard work is not trying to appear like one is always working, never sleeping and generally in the act of ‘kissing-ass’ as some of my peers would call.
I have come to believe that Hard Work is a lifestyle one must cultivate the moment they begin any form of work, be it in an educational setting or a hobby or even in a work place. I believe Hard work embodies everything a successful person should be, should want to be, at all points in time, at all time given.
To be able to fully devote their ‘selves’ (in the metaphysical) sense into everything they decide to do in the time space they decide to do it.
It is honestly the only way to get ahead…


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